Siro Dhara Package

It is a purifying and rejuvenating therapy designed to eliminate toxins and mental exhaustion as well as relieve stress and any ill effects on the central nervous system. In Shiro Dhara, medicated oil is poured gently on the forehead as a continuous stream in between the temples. Advised for insomnia, migraine, facial palsy, mental stress, to improve concentration, and for skin diseases like psoriasis.

The duration of a dhara is generally good for diseases due to a disorder of the tridosha. Herbal oil tender coconut water, milk, ghee, dhanyamalm (a mixture of cereals and citrus fruits), or buttermilk may be used for various kinds of dharas. The treatment is indicated for insanity, severe illnesses due to disorder of the vata, chronic cold, sinusitis, diseases of the eyes, ears, and so on. The Massage is done with a combination of specially prepared Ayurvedic herbal oils and applied all over the body stimulating the vital points of the body called Marma. This is very good for the general health of the skin and prevents early aging and relieves muscular aches and pain. After the massage herbal steam bath is also given (Minimum 3 Sections).

Based on this assessment, our consultant will try to:

  • Analyze the imbalance of Doshas.
  • Discover your body’s constitution (Prakriti).
  • Plan the treatments for the specific conditions and remove the accumulated toxins, which are the main cause of most problems.
  • Plan the Diet according to the specific imbalance.
  • Prepare your body for the maximum effect of oral medication.
  • Make recommendations on how to restore your natural balance, which always includes changes in your lifestyle, diet, etc.

Offer Price: £65