Body Scrub

Our body is the ultimate machine and needs to be kept in top condition. Body polishes are probably one of the most usual ways to remove dead skin cells and rejuvenate the body covering, leaving it smooth and refreshed. In this process skin is gently polished away, to reveal youthful-looking skin with a smoother texture and brighter. Body polishes are suitable and safe for just about everyone. Body polishes have become popular for their ability to exfoliate and stimulate the skin giving it a healthy feel and appearance. It is a terrific way to care for your skin from head to toe. Body polishes are a combination of exfoliant, and carrier moisturizer designed for use on your entire body & contain abrasive mixed with oils.

Based on this assessment, our consultant will try to:

  • Analyze the imbalance of Doshas.
  • Discover your body’s constitution (Prakriti).
  • Plan the treatments for the specific conditions and remove the accumulated toxins, which are the main cause of most problems.
  • Plan the Diet according to the specific imbalance.
  • Prepare your body for the maximum effect of oral medication.
  • Make recommendations on how to restore your natural balance, which always includes changes in your lifestyle, diet, etc.

Offer Price: £55